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Introducing the Dynobelt™

The DynoBelt™ and Headlights Headband are specifically for runners. Firstly, this belt is a utility belt, with two water bottle holders at each side, a cell phone pouch with fastener, a zipper pouch and two towel holders. In addition to these attachments, there is a Lumbar back support pad attached to the rear of the belt. Read more...

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This belt serves to aid the runner by giving him/her immediate access to a water bottle for hydration, a place to store cell phone and other belongings needed on the run. The back support is a back aid, in that it totally supports mainly the lower back and eliminates the need for the runner to stop and stretch in between run cycles. This belt is an all-in-one timesaver and complete exercise aid for the runner that needs to get the exercise in and get back to work or other activities.

The headlights headband is a headband worn around the head, with light in front to illuminate the ground and other surroundings for the runner at night. There is a red light affixed to the rear of the headband that serves as a warning light to drivers while running at night, which is a very good safety feature. The sides of the headband are flexible in order to compensate for different head sizes, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

The DynoBelt™ and Headlights Headband together form the perfect utilitarian product for the busy runner who otherwise would need to either hold the water bottle and cell phone, or leave these items at home while running. The Headlights Headband adds to the benefit of each, by ensuring safety and adequate lighting to guide the runner and warn everyone of his/her presence on any street or road.

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Patent Info.

A provisional and design patent application has been filed as of September 2018. The Mars Rising Network performed the patent search and concluded there is nothing similar to this product on the market, which means this unique device could be patented and used by people everywhere.


  • Runners and Athletes
  • Outdoor enthusiasts


  • Water bottle, towel, cell phone holders and zippered pouch
  • Safety lights on the front and rear of headband


Fevens Louis Jean


About the developer

The co-inventors, Fevens and Sylvain Louis Jean of Fort Lauderdale, FL had an idea to help keep runners safer and at the same time keep the items they need close at hand. Fevens contacted the Mars Rising Network and filed for a provisional and design patent application to insure the invention is designed properly so they may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product. They are actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty.


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